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Another week, more projects

This has been a busy season around the Cooper household. Completed several holiday projects, some of which will be for next year as they were too late for this year, pieced two t-shirt quilts for special order-I will be long arm quilting them this week, made several ‘retro’ pillow cases, and the BIG one-completed ten lined curtain panels that measured 226″ long for two-story windows. None of this would have been possible without the assistance of my inspector, Sami The Wonder Dog.

I have several more projects in the works and I am looking forward to posting them as time allows. One is a wedding quilt for a friend, one is a basket pattern quilt, more stars quilts, and my ongoing project of lap quilts for nursing home residents. I will also be working on surprise packets for our local dedicated employees that provide a much needed service for our community such as the county health clinic, senior day care, and anyone else that goes out of their way to help people. These packets are a work in progress all the time and the goodies vary to include quilted clutch purses, tissue holders, small quilted wall hangings, lap quilts, pot holders, microwave bowl holders, and any thing else that catches my fancy.

Looking forward to a busy and fulfilling year ahead.

Just want to take a moment to wish my youngest grandson, Mason, good luck on his decision to join the armed service. You will be in my thoughts and prayers every day.


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Sami, The Wonder Dog and my quilting progress

Well, Sami The Wonder Dog is at it again. She cannot control her urge to dig up the yard. It is not as though she is trying to run away from home and digs under the fence. Oh no, she digs major holes all over the yard. THEN, with dirty feet and face she runs inside the house and rubs all over the carpet, couch, and bed. Now her favorite thing is to bury her toys. That would be OK but then she digs them up and brings them into the house too. It is really a good thing that I love her so much.


In between running after Sami and cleaning her messes I have been working on my quilting projects. Completed one queen size ribbon star quilt for my bed (picture on the left) and two lap quilts (right picture) in the same design for my two lunch buddies. The picture on the right looks like one long quilt but it is really two. For some reason I am on a star pattern kick.
Gathered a bunch of items for donations to our local Women/Children shelter. I also donate quilts for their use or sale in the resale shop.

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First blog post

This is my first blog post. Please be patient with me while I explore this new to me, way of communicating. I want to have a place where I can share my love of sewing and quilting with friends and family and brag a little (maybe a lot) about the smartest dog in the world, Sami, my Boston Terrier.

Sami and I live in sunny Florida. I am a retired mother of three children and grandmother to four beautiful and smart grandchildren: Joey, Madison, Jacob, and Mason. Joey and Madison are out of college and Jacob and Mason are still attending. They live in Tennessee and Georgia and I miss them all the time, along with their parents.