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The start of a new quilt: Baskets A-Plenty


This pile of fabric strips is going to be a new quilt that I am calling Baskets A-Plenty. It is based on a design by Lynette Jensen downloaded from the Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting website. Sometimes I am not nearly as organized but since I wanted lots of different colored baskets I knew I would have a terrible time trying to keep all the little pieces straight if I did not get a system going. I usually like to ‘wing it’ and start off with either a picture or a rough drawing for a layout and the quilt grows from there,  especially when sewing memory quilts because I am working with so many different sizes of shirts.

I have to admit that sometimes my quilts start out as lap quilts in my mind and grow to queen size before I know it.

Stack of fabric called Marblelicious from Marshall Dry Goods that I am using for my Baskets A-Plenty quilt.