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The start of a new quilt: Baskets A-Plenty


This pile of fabric strips is going to be a new quilt that I am calling Baskets A-Plenty. It is based on a design by Lynette Jensen downloaded from the Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting website. Sometimes I am not nearly as organized but since I wanted lots of different colored baskets I knew I would have a terrible time trying to keep all the little pieces straight if I did not get a system going. I usually like to ‘wing it’ and start off with either a picture or a rough drawing for a layout and the quilt grows from there,  especially when sewing memory quilts because I am working with so many different sizes of shirts.

I have to admit that sometimes my quilts start out as lap quilts in my mind and grow to queen size before I know it.

Stack of fabric called Marblelicious from Marshall Dry Goods that I am using for my Baskets A-Plenty quilt.



I am a retired grandmother living in hot and sunny Florida. I spend most of my days doing what I love: sewing and quilting. I have a spoiled rotten Boston Terrier named Sami who keeps me busy mostly by cleaning up after her and refilling holes in the yard that she insists on digging and burying her toys. Of course then she digs them up and brings them into the house resulting guessed it...more cleaning. I will be posting pictures of Sami, quilts, flowers, and other things as they come along. Glad to have you join me.

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