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Blog Post From Sami-The Wonder Dog


I think I will just stay out here and enjoy the sun for a while until my mom calms down a little. First I want to take a nap on her new quilt that she has been working on FOREVER. Well, you know I can’t nap with making a pacifier out of the quilt. Who knew that my little teeth would make holes in the fabric. I think she just had defective fabric. She was disappointed but that’s OK. Then I decided I would bring in some nice pine cones and you know I have to chew them up AND my favorite place to chew is on the carpet. She raised her voice to me then but I figure she is just crabby today. Since she took my pine cone away I found some nice fuzzy purple and black socks that she wears all the time to chew. Oh, these are much better than pine cones. Oops! It is probably a good thing I don’t understand some of the words she is yelling. Yep, I think I will just stay outside in the sun for a few hours. From your friend, Sami.