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Farm Girl Vintage, Post 2

Canning Season and Baking Day Blocks


These blocks were fun to do. On the canning jars, the instructions called for 5 1/2″ jars but I had some 5″ charm squares of fruits and vegetables so I added a 1″ strip in the middle of the block. It is hard to see because it is the same color as my carpet. The mixing bowls and spoon block was really easy with Lori’s instructions and diagrams.

Chicken Foot and Egg Basket Blocks


These blocks are coming together so quickly. I just hope all the different fabrics that I am using will blend. I am using mostly scraps, except for the background fabric. I am also thinking about adding sashing and cornerstones on each of the blocks. Not sure about that yet. Will wait and see how tired I am when I get to that point.

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Farm Girl Vintage Blocks


Baby Chick, Cool Threads, and Farmhouse Blocks

I started working on the Farm Girl blocks from Lori Holt’s book, Farm Girl Vintage and I just cannot stop. Lori’s instructions and pictures are great. Very easy to follow. I know it looks like I cut the top of my chick’s head off but, according to Lori’s picture, this is the way it supposed to look. After the blocks are sewn together it looks good. Seeing Tierney’s scrappy blocks motivated me as I have a ton of scraps to use. I just hope my choices blend more as I go. As you can tell from the pictures I haven’t trimmed or ‘prettied up’ the blocks. Just made sure the blocks were the correct size.

On another note, I have a  sewing related injury that will keep me away from my sewing for a day or two. I caught my good finger (right hand-index finger) between the heavy duty bar magnets that I use on my long arm bars. I will post a picture of these deadly weapons later.

Happy sewing.

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Meet Miss Daisy-My Long Arm Quilting Machine


This is Miss Daisy, as in driving Miss Daisy, because I feel like I am driving while I am operating her. I got her in December 2014 so we have been together a little over two years now. The first year we had a love/hate relationship. After the learning curve and a trip back to the dealer in California we worked out our disagreements and our relationship is much better now. Not to say that we don’t have a little spat sometimes, but we can usually get through an entire quilt now without one of us acting out.

This was a very big expenditure for me but I knew if I was going to continue with my love of quilting I needed a way to make it happen. I hand-quilted for many years but my aching hands and the time it took to complete each quilt convinced me to bite the bullet while I was still able to enjoy my hobby. I do have to admit that I enjoy the actual quilt construction  better than the quilting but I am thankful to have a long arm.





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Log Cabin Star Quilt


This is my latest quilt. It is called Log Cabin Stars and the pattern is from Jelly Roll Quilts book by Pam and Nicky Lintott. So far it is one of my favorites. I have always loved log cabin quilts, and I have made a lot of them, but to me the stars just set it off. I did stitch in the ditch quilting on my long arm. It isn’t much imagination but I wanted the quilt piecing to be the ‘star’ instead of the quilting…not that I had a lot of choices as I am not a master quilter. 🙂

I have started working on blocks in Farm Girl Vintage book by Lori Holt but I am cheating a little. Instead of completing the blocks in book order I am picking out the fun ones first. I have completed four so far with 44 left to go. I am using scraps as much as possible and that is a plus. I will post pictures soon. Thanks tierneycreates for giving me the nudge I needed to get started.




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Girls Lunch Day

I retired (my second retirement) from the city of Bunnell a few years ago, along with two of my work friends. Our little group of three started a monthly luncheon date for the third Thursday each month.

We are located between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, Florida and are lucky to be in an area that has a great selection of places to go, from nice places on the beach, restaurants with river views, golf course club houses, or quaint old hotels with dining rooms.  This has become an anticipated day for all. Today we discovered the restaurant we planned on is now closed for lunch. Plan two: Charlie Horse Bar and Grill in Ormond Beach for a lovely lunch and visit.

It is such a pleasure to have good friends to laugh with while enjoying a nice lunch. Look out River Grille, we will be visiting you next month.

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Bright Rainbow Lap Quilt and Tennessee Barns Quilted Wall Hanging


This rainbow-colored quilt was made with Kona Cotton solids and is based on a quilt design from Pinterest.  The most difficult thing about it was arranging the colors.


This quilted wall hanging was made using individual East Tennessee barns cut from a panel. I used batik fabrics to frame each square.


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Another quilt or two …

Not really a quilt, but quilted.

I had a request from my son for a table cover for his outdoor kitchen work table. The canning jars was one of four I came up with. Since he will be using the table a lot figured he would need more than one so they could launder and change out as needed. My dad ran a fruit and vegetable stand year round for 50 years and this reminded me of him.


Scrappy blues 16 patch with yellow stars in queen size.

This quilt was not on my UFO (unfinished objects) list, but one that I completed a few months ago.




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More UFOs completed

Still working on completing quilts I have started and not finished. Some I look at and wonder what the heck I was thinking when I started them but then when I get them completed I understand. Here are a couple that make me happy.

Blue/Green Friendship Star baby quilt based on a pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company. This quilt came to be from extra blocks left over from another project. It measures 51″x62″. I’m really liking the bright colors.



My quilt inspector is always on duty. dscn0914


Here is my ‘Blues Clues 16 Patch Scrappy’ lap quilt. It measures 56″x75″ making it a good size for snuggling.


More to come….