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Meet Miss Daisy-My Long Arm Quilting Machine


This is Miss Daisy, as in driving Miss Daisy, because I feel like I am driving while I am operating her. I got her in December 2014 so we have been together a little over two years now. The first year we had a love/hate relationship. After the learning curve and a trip back to the dealer in California we worked out our disagreements and our relationship is much better now. Not to say that we don’t have a little spat sometimes, but we can usually get through an entire quilt now without one of us acting out.

This was a very big expenditure for me but I knew if I was going to continue with my love of quilting I needed a way to make it happen. I hand-quilted for many years but my aching hands and the time it took to complete each quilt convinced me to bite the bullet while I was still able to enjoy my hobby. I do have to admit that I enjoy the actual quilt construction  better than the quilting but I am thankful to have a long arm.