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Farm Girl Vintage, Post 2

Canning Season and Baking Day Blocks


These blocks were fun to do. On the canning jars, the instructions called for 5 1/2″ jars but I had some 5″ charm squares of fruits and vegetables so I added a 1″ strip in the middle of the block. It is hard to see because it is the same color as my carpet. The mixing bowls and spoon block was really easy with Lori’s instructions and diagrams.

Chicken Foot and Egg Basket Blocks


These blocks are coming together so quickly. I just hope all the different fabrics that I am using will blend. I am using mostly scraps, except for the background fabric. I am also thinking about adding sashing and cornerstones on each of the blocks. Not sure about that yet. Will wait and see how tired I am when I get to that point.