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Cutting Table Height Adjustments

10′ banquet table with height adjusters on the legs

I have two folding banquet tables: 6′ and 8′. I keep the 6′ table in my sweat shop to use for cutting fabrics and a general work table. I honestly do not know what I would do without it. The 8′ table usually resides in my garage until I have a big project then I pull it out. These tables are designed for sit down eating, among other things, and the height is perfect when sitting, but I use them as work tables while standing and the height was just too low. My solution was to take PVC pipe, cut to length to make them taller. Perfect solution.

I have 2 sets of extensions:

9″ to bring the table up to 32″ high and 12″ for 35″ high. The 9″ extensions are the perfect height to sit even with my ‘monster sewing machine’ that I use for heavy-duty projects such as big boat enclosures. I use the table to rest the large pieces of marine vinyl and canvas without the need to wrestle it around while sewing.

The 12″ legs are used when I am doing lots of cutting. At first I was concerned the extensions would make the table unsteady but that has not been a problem. The way the legs are designed with a slight flare makes them just as steady with or without the extensions.

One advantage is that it only takes seconds to change out the extensions or take them off altogether. Some of my friends use the bed risers for the same purpose and they work very well also.