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Grandma’s Kitchen BOW #5 of 25


This week the Grandma’s Kitchen block is called Glasses and Cups by Pat Sloan. Each week when Pat posts the block of the week she tells a short story about memories of her grandparents and the participants of the BOW do the same. This week’s subject is glasses and cups and here is my story.

Coming from the hills of East Tennessee a lot of people in my family used some type of tobacco product, whether it was chewing tobacco, cigarettes, and/or snuff (powdered tobacco). This was way before all the dangers associated with tobacco was common knowledge. At this time snuff came in clear glasses with a tin top. When empty they made the perfect water/milk glasses. They fit your hand just right and were easy to wash. We always had a good supply in the cabinet.

Local gas stations would give glasses with the purchase of $1 of gasoline. Gas was around twenty cents a gallon and $1 would almost fill the tank. Everyone that had a car would buy gas at the station that gave the glasses until they had a complete set. Anyone that had a set of these glasses would save them for Sunday dinner or when company came over to eat.

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