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Grandma’s Kitchen Challenge Block #7 of 25


This week for our BOW Pat Sloan at I Love To Make Quilts  has designed a block called Oh My Stars! For her grandparent’s story of the week she told us about their favorite sayings.

I never heard my Ma Neal say anything in anger but I did see ‘the look’ many times. My Mammaw Cooper was the more vocal of the two. When she would get upset with one of us kids she would say “Lord, have mercy”  or the favorite Southern expression of, “Bless her/his heart” and quietly say, “She/he doesn’t know how stupid they are”.  Now mind you, this is what she said in front of us kids. What she said to Pappaw when she was angry was something else entirely and I will not repeat it here. My cousins and I learned some of our best forbidden words when she was ‘sharing her opinion of his actions’ with him. I can remember her telling Pappaw that she was going to have to pray for forgiveness on Sunday and it was all his fault.



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Moda Blockheads BOW #23 of 48


It is Wednesday again! These weeks just fly by and I really look forward to Wednesday because it is Blockheads Day. The block this week is called Winneconne Star designed by Lisa Bongean. Of course it is another of my favorites because it is a star design and it is not difficult.

As this was the first block of the week I participated in I do not have a lot of experience on how they run, but this group of talented ladies really have it organized. I know on Wednesday mornings I can go directly to Facebook or the Moda website and download the pattern and instructions immediately. Early bird people usually have their completed blocks already downloaded so we can get ideas. I have really enjoyed sewing along with this group.

Cannot wait to see what next Wednesday brings us.

Moda Blockheads