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Four Seasons Wall Hanging – #2 of 4 – Fall


Here is my #2 of the Four Seasons Wall Hanging series. It is based on a pattern called Autumn Retreat designed by eQuilter and Jude Spero of Little Louise Designs.

The fabric is yardage from JoAnn’s that I cut apart and added the window sashes. The borders are batik fabrics and I quilted it on my Juki long arm machine called Miss Daisy (as in driving Miss Daisy).

Two more to go.

Thanks for reading.



I am a retired grandmother living in hot and sunny Florida. I spend most of my days doing what I love: sewing and quilting. I have a spoiled rotten Boston Terrier named Sami who keeps me busy mostly by cleaning up after her and refilling holes in the yard that she insists on digging and burying her toys. Of course then she digs them up and brings them into the house resulting guessed it...more cleaning. I will be posting pictures of Sami, quilts, flowers, and other things as they come along. Glad to have you join me.

12 thoughts on “Four Seasons Wall Hanging – #2 of 4 – Fall

  1. Hi Peggy,
    This is really pretty, and the first one you made happened to be showing in the “More In” area. Are you making these for yourself, to switch out seasonally? Just curious. I would love to have a Juki . . . I tried one at the Chicago quilt show earlier this year and was really impressed with it but there is no dealer anywhere near me. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Thanks Roseanne. I purchased Miss Daisy by mail order without ever touching a long arm. We had a few hiccups along the way most of them operator error and one time I had to send her back to California for repair. The company was really good and they paid all shipping under warranty. Miss Daisy and I are still friends after 3 years even though I have not achieved the skills I would like to have yet.

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