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Grandma’s Kitchen BOW, block #8 of 25


Block #8 of Pat Sloan’s Grandma’s Kitchen BOW is called Grandma’s Apron. My story about mammaw’s apron is probably the same as everyone…these were not clothing accessories. They were a much used and necessary tool. The apron was put on every morning immediately on top of the everyday dress and not taken off until bedtime. It was full-skirted with gathers around the waist, ties for tying in the back, and big pockets. Mammaw’s dresses came to her ankles and the apron reached from the waist to the bottom of her dress. She always kept a ‘better’ apron hanging on the back of the door that could be quickly grabbed and put on if company came to the door.

Her apron was used as a pot holder to grab the handles of hot pans from the stove, to wipe sweat and tears as needed, to hold clothes pins for hanging out clothes, as a bucket when gathering eggs and vegetables from the garden, as a dust cloth or to dry her hands, and to hold all kinds of items in the pockets. She even kept a needle and thread in the pockets to make repairs as needed.

Mammaw made her ‘fancy’ aprons from feed sack fabric and her everyday aprons were made from old dresses that were no longer usable. The front part of the dresses always had a little more use to them as they were protected by the apron.

This block is my favorite so far. Y’all know that I am afraid of applique but it is so stinking cute!

It is not too late to join this free quilt along. It is a lot of fun.