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Grandma’s Kitchen Block of the Week – Block #9 of 25


Here is my version of Pat Sloan’s Grandma’s Kitchen Challenge block of the week. This week’s block is called The Kitchen Window. Again, we are to share a story in regard to the block title of the week. Here is mine:

My Mammaw did not have built-in kitchen cabinets in her kitchen. As a matter of fact, she didn’t have a sink. She had a metal topped table that held the water bucket and, when it was time to do dishes, her dish washing pan. Her window was a regular, full length window and the work table was beside the window. She used the window for additional light in the kitchen, as a way to get ventilation, and to keep an eye on us kids. She could spot us getting into something and instantly the window would fly open and she would yell at us. We never could figure out how she looked at us all the time and managed to get anything else done in the house, but she sure did.

During the winter she would crack the window a little every time she cooked to let some of the heat out of the kitchen as she did all her cooking on a wood stove.

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