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Sami, The Wonder Dog WON!


Many of you remember my shameless begging for your votes for Sami, The Wonder Dog ‘s entry to Lily Pad Quilting’s Pets on Quilts contest.   Well….drum roll please…..SAMI WON! You all made it happen.

Sami’s momma’s prize is a fat quarter bundle of 30s Playtime Collection from Green Fairy Quilts. Not only is this one of my favorite fabrics but I have been a loyal customer of Green Fairy for a long time. They are my go to place for the Superior So Fine thread that my longarm, Miss Daisy, loves. As a matter of fact, it is the only thread she likes. I have always had first class service from Clint at Green Fairy.

Thanks to everyone that voted for Sami, Lily Pad Quilting, Green Fairy Quilts, and Sparkle on with Abbie for giving me a heads up. 🙂  Congratulations to all the other participants and winners of this fun contest.

I will be away from my computer until Sunday and you will hear more from me then.

thank you, thank you, thank you

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Grandma’s Kitchen BOW block #10 of 25


This week’s Grandma’s Kitchen block of the week by Pat Sloan is called Recipe Box and our stories are supposed to reflect that subject. I do not recall either Mammaw Cooper or Ma Neal ever using a written recipe but I still consider them two of the best cooks. Our meals consisted of things we grew or items we traded for.

I remember big bowls of gravy served with hot biscuits and fresh eggs gathered the previous day for breakfast. Dinner (served around noon) was usually the biggest meal of the day. We always had some kind of potatoes, either fried, mashed, or baked and a big pot of pinto beans and cornbread with freshly churned butter. Other vegetables would be whatever was ready in the garden. It could be corn, green beans, cole slaw, cooked cabbage, sliced tomatoes or a number of other vegetables. Lunch preparation was started as soon as breakfast was over because it took a few hours to cook pinto beans, green beans, soups or stews.

Supper was the last meal of the day and it was usually leftovers or a pot of homemade soup. There was no snacking or fast food between meals or after supper was served but I don’t remember ever being hungry. In the winter we ate stuff we canned or put up during the summer. For meat we killed a couple of hogs in the winter and we had chickens that had quit laying eggs or roosters. Each time I make chicken and dumplings or fried chicken I think about how lucky I am now that I can get chicken from the store instead of the hen house. 🙂

Thanks for visiting and reading about the ‘olden days.’