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Grandma’s Kitchen Block of the Week – Block 14 of 25


Pat Sloan’s Grandma’s Kitchen block of the week #14 is called Salt & Pepper. No, I am not an overachiever. I just cannot make up my mind with color choices so I decided to make three blocks with different colors and because I like this block. 🙂

Our story this week is about salt and pepper shakers. My Mammaw always seasoned food while it was cooking and I cannot remember having shakers on the table at meal time. My aunt had a set of wooden shakers in the shape of chubby chefs. On one was painted the name ‘Salty’ and the other one, you guessed it, was ‘Peppy’. I thought these were the neatest things ever. They were kept on a little shelf over the stove and were NEVER used. The only time they were touched was for cleaning.

Thanks for visiting. Come back anytime. 🙂



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Moda Blockheads Block of the Week #30

Block #30 of the Moda Blockheads is the Four-Patch Dash by  Carrie Nelson. I have also attached a picture of most of my blocks to date. The blocks are not in any order and I did not place them in the most pleasing layout. Sami loves to run through them as soon as I lay them out so I have to get them down and get a picture very quickly.

Since I am making 12″ blocks instead of 6″, my quilt is going to be a whopper. My plan is to make two quilts, one queen size and one lap size.

Looking forward to seeing your blocks. Thanks for visiting.



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I Wish You a Merry Quilt Along – Block 6


Block #6 of the I Wish You a Merry QAL is designed by Sandra Healy of Sandra Healy Designs. As you can see I have not completed my embroidery and outlining around the angel and stars. This is another project that looked very good in my head but when I attached the applique to the fabric…not so good. The gold lame’ fabric I picked for the wings and sleeve is entirely too transparent. The good thing is I think I can pick another fabric and attach it directly over the lame’.

The angel’s dress is a pretty white with silver sparkles and the blue background is an ombre fabric with sparkles, neither shows up that good in the picture.

Other than my fabric choices it is a very cute block.

Thank you Sandra.


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The Giving Store Donation


One of the things our local volunteer service group supports is The Giving Store. Last year The Giving Store provided over 400 local children the opportunity to ‘shop’ for presents for their family members. Purchasing these presents come from the proceeds of a Spring and Fall rummage sale of used items donated by the community throughout the year, a Christmas in July luncheon ticket sales and donations, and new items donated for the children’s shopping event.

I have donated a quilt in the past but this year I will be donating wrist purses. I am committed to making twenty but since I got an early start this year I will try to come up with more. You may notice some familiar fabrics as I have used most in other quilt projects.

Hope the children and the recipients enjoy the purses as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Thank you for visiting with me.





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Moda Blockheads BOW #29 of 48


Moda Blockheads block of the week #29 is called Juneau by Lisa Bongean. I was really concerned with the little flying geese blocks but Lisa’s instructions were very clear and easy to follow. It took me longer to complete this block than normal but I think it was operator error and not the block. 🙂

Thank you Lisa for another pretty block.




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Grandma’s Kitchen Block of The Week #13 of 25


Block #13 of the Grandma’s Kitchen Challenge by Pat Sloan is called Sunday Dinner. In addition to the block, followers share memories.

My memories of Sunday dinners are very pleasant. At my aunt’s house we usually had what she called a table full of people and the noon meal was called dinner. It was the main meal of the day. The evening meal was supper.

When we had fried chicken we got them from the hen house and not from the grocery. Roosters and hens that no longer produced eggs were what was chosen to grace the table. Some of the food served was a huge pot of chicken and dumplings, ham, pork roasts, meat loaf, deer roasts, or fried rabbit. A variety of vegetables were served, fresh from the garden in the summer or canned vegetables we ‘put up’ from the garden in the winter. We always had a big pot of pinto beans, corn bread, and a type of pickle relish called chow chow.

My Pappaw really enjoyed the Sunday dinners and he would walk across the field to join us. My aunt would say, “He is the first one to the table and the last one to leave.”

My mother also had big Sunday dinners at Ma Neal’s house. At Ma’s house the men were always served first. Mother often said that she was twelve years old before she knew that a chicken had more parts that a wing or a back. 🙂



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I Wish You A Merry QAL, Block #5


Block 5 of the I Wish You A Merry Quilt-A-Long is the Snowman by Sherry Shish of Powered by Quilting. As you can see, my snowman has a little problem with crossed eyes but I’m sure he will grow out of it.

With this block I am finally caught up after dealing with Hurricane Irma. I am so glad to be back in my sweat shop so I can just sew my troubles away. 🙂





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Grandma’s Kitchen BOW blocks #11 & 12


Block #11 of  Pat Sloan’s Grandma’s Kitchen Blocks is called Peppermint Swirls and the corresponding memory  is for candy dishes. Mammaw Cooper kept a candy dish but instead of candy it was filled with buttons. She wasn’t one that had a sweet tooth but often we would have a fruit cobbler or pie for Sunday dinner. Sometimes we even had a yellow cake with chocolate icing.

Block #12 is called Kitchen Door. My memories of the kitchen door was from my Aunt Monnie’s house. She had a wooden door with windows and it was called the back door. It led out of the kitchen to the back porch. The cistern that held the our water was located at the left of the porch and the porch was built up to the cistern so we could draw the water without going into the yard. This was very handy if it was raining or icy. Our garden was located only a short distance from the back porch so when we gathered vegetables they were carried to the porch and readied for the kitchen. This system could not have worked any better if it was designed by a time management expert.

My aunt told me that when it came time to name any of my children to stand on the porch and yell out the potential name about 10 times at the top of my lungs. If the name rolled out easily, that would be a good name for the child. Her logic was that you would be yelling that name a lot and it should be easy to ‘holler’. I just shared this little story with my daughter-in-law while she was hosting us during our hurricane evacuation. Unfortunately, now the parents call the kids in with cell phone….I miss the old days. 🙂


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Moda Blockheads BOW #27 & 28


Moda Blockheads block #27 is called Union Variation by Jo Morton of  Jo Morton Quilts. I can see so many possibilities with this block, which is usual with half square triangles. Another fun block from Jo.

Block #28 is an applique block appropriately called Pumpkin by Jan Patek. This is a quick block that, I think, turned out very cute and will make a charming addition to my Blockheads quilt.

I am so glad that Hurricane Irma is gone but my heart aches for the people who lost so much during this storm. Sami and I are almost back  to our regular schedule, other than suffering from jet lag. 🙂 BUT we are not taking the upstairs storm shutters down until we know Hurricane Maria will be no threat to us.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Florida and Texas.


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After Hurricane Irma

A big thank you to everyone that sent messages, prayers, and good will to Sami and I during Hurricane Irma.

Sami and I evacuated to my son and daughter-in-law’s house south of Atlanta, GA. They were the most gracious hosts and did everything they could for us to relieve the stress. I can never thank them enough for everything they do for us.

After spending four days of prepping our house to ready it for Irma, Sami and I, already exhausted, loaded the car to head for Georgia. The trip that usually takes six hours for me (five hours for anyone else) took somewhere around 11-12 hours with the traffic.

Unfortunately, the storm kept going north and impacted everyone in its path farther north than anyone expected. Lots of people in the Georgia area where we stayed were also without power and experienced high winds and lots of rain. My family only lost tree limbs and a few other minor things.

Sami and I came home not knowing what to expect as the national news programs only reported on the areas that had the most devastation. The trip home was almost as long as going but we had relief knowing the storm was over. Every rest area we stopped had no power and the bathrooms were closed. That wasn’t a problem for Sami but it sure was for me.

I am happy to say, our house received very minimal damage. We lost a few trees, parts of the fence will never be the same, and lots of clean up is needed. BUT, we are so lucky to have been spared and we now have electricity. So many people lost everything. My best friend and his wife lost their house they have lived in for over 35 years and they only live eight miles from me, on the beachside.

I know without all the prayers that were sent our way it would have been a completely different story and I am very grateful. We had a wonderful place to go for protection and we had a house to come home to. Thank you God. Please continue your prayers for everyone affected by this storm. So many people still do not have power here and it is extremely hot, in the 90s. The linemen are working very long days in this heat trying their best to get the electricity back on for everyone.

I have not even walked into my sweat shop and I will probably not until I get the clean up and repairs completed. That area is my happy place and I cannot even think about it right now. I really appreciate all the comments sent our way and I will start my regular posts as soon as possible.

Thank you.