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Grandma’s Kitchen Block of the Week – Block 14 of 25


Pat Sloan’s Grandma’s Kitchen block of the week #14 is called Salt & Pepper. No, I am not an overachiever. I just cannot make up my mind with color choices so I decided to make three blocks with different colors and because I like this block. 🙂

Our story this week is about salt and pepper shakers. My Mammaw always seasoned food while it was cooking and I cannot remember having shakers on the table at meal time. My aunt had a set of wooden shakers in the shape of chubby chefs. On one was painted the name ‘Salty’ and the other one, you guessed it, was ‘Peppy’. I thought these were the neatest things ever. They were kept on a little shelf over the stove and were NEVER used. The only time they were touched was for cleaning.

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