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Hurricane Irma Coming At Us In Florida


Here it is Wednesday and I have not even attempted to sew on either of my blocks of the week. For the last two days I have been trying to get my house ready for the hurricane to hit us this weekend. The sad part of all this work in hot and humid weather is that all I have done to prepare may not help if we take the direct hit that they are predicting.

I have been looking around my house, that has taken me my entire life to achieve, and know that when I come back none of it may be here. I know that the important things are people and not things, but at my age I find it very hard to think about starting over with nothing.

My daughter just moved here to Florida a few weeks ago and, unfortunately, her job demands that she stay on duty and she cannot evacuate with me. I will be so worried about her until I see her again. I would gladly stay with her if I was allowed. I am so thankful that all my other relatives are safely away from Florida and that Sami and I do have a place to go.

Please keep everyone in this hurricane’s path in your thoughts and prayers.


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Look At These Cuties


I found these cute sewing charms at my local Walmart recently. I was looking for something to use as zipper pulls on the little wrist purses I am making for the holidays and these just jumped right into my buggy. At only a little over $4 I didn’t put up much of a fight. I am still on the lookout for items I can use for my non-sewing friends and relatives but these are just so stinking cute. 🙂

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