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Grandma’s Kitchen Quilt A-Long – Block #15 of 25


This week’s block in the Grandma’s Kitchen by Pat Sloan is called Game Show & Soaps to bring up past memories. Here are some of mine:

Mammaw Cooper did not have a television set but her favorite show was the Wide World of Wrestling that came on Saturday afternoons at 2:00. It was broadcast live from the WBIR station out of Knoxville. Saturdays would find Mammaw walking across the field to my aunt’s house where everyone would gather to watch the wrestling and cheer on their favorite. This was not a quiet affair as tensions developed and everyone rooted for the good versus evil, especially if it was a tag team bout. With names like Sam Steamboat, Chief White Cloud, Gentleman Dan, and many others it was a show to be talked about the rest of the week.

Ma Neal had a television purchased for them by their children. The antenna was mounted in a tree up the hill from the house and if you turned it just right it would pick up both of the Knoxville channels. The shows they liked to watch were the Cas Walker Farm and Home Hour (a very young Dolly Partin was a regular guest on his show) that  came on every morning at 6:00 and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom with Marlon Perkins on Sunday afternoons.

I do not remember any game shows or soaps watched at that time but television did not play the role then as it does now. The radio was on for the local news and you could listen to it and continue to work without interruptions.

It is funny that we had a good variety of shows to watch with only two channels back then. Now we have hundreds of channel and nothing good to watch.

Thanks for reading more of my memories of the ‘good ol’ days’.



I am a retired grandmother living in hot and sunny Florida. I spend most of my days doing what I love: sewing and quilting. I have a spoiled rotten Boston Terrier named Sami who keeps me busy mostly by cleaning up after her and refilling holes in the yard that she insists on digging and burying her toys. Of course then she digs them up and brings them into the house resulting guessed it...more cleaning. I will be posting pictures of Sami, quilts, flowers, and other things as they come along. Glad to have you join me.

13 thoughts on “Grandma’s Kitchen Quilt A-Long – Block #15 of 25

  1. So true on the number of channels. How about going to the grocery store and having to spend 10 minutes to pick from all the choices! Terrible because how many ways can one make crackers, soups, soap, etc………….Oh well, I would imagine that your grand parents and my parents would not understand a thing about the world now. Like the block. The background fabric is so 1930’s!

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  2. LOVE your block and the stories. In 1979 my hubby wanted a t.v. with a remote control, and I said it was “good exercise” to get off his lazy butt and walk across the living room to switch between 4 channels! He didn’t get a remote, but he soon trained the toddler to do his bidding. My dear Aunt Jean was a Pat Sajak fan!!

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  3. Hi Peggy,
    You have done it again! Very nice block . . . but I do not see the connection with the name at all. Do you? Can you ‘plain it to me?? I love these stories about you Mammaw. I can almost picture her going across the field to watch wrestling. Wrestling! When I was a kid we lived in between Milwaukee and Chicago so we would get most channels from each market – maybe 10 channels. So Garfield Goose and Bozo were my friends – no one watched soaps. But my mom did love Wheel of Fortune when she wasn’t playing bingo. ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Thanks Roseanne. No, I have not figured out how the names connect with the blocks either. Glad I’m not alone. When my kids asked me the ‘why’ question when I didn’t have an answer I would say (very wisely, or so I thought) “It is just one of those mysteries of life that we do not question.” And no, that answer didn’t work with them after the age of three but I kept using it. 🙂 Sounds like you mom had a fun spirit.

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      1. Hi Peggy,
        HAHA – I’m going to be giggling about those mysteries of life that we do not question all day. heehee I can just imagine the looks you received when they were a bit older. HA ~smile~ Roseanne

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    1. Good question Cindy. I think the name just comes from the story the creator wants to tell. 🙂 I am thinking about giving up my cable and getting an antenna. With that I can pick up a couple of local channels and that is all I need. Hardly ever watch it anyway. Do you miss having cable?


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