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Grandma’s Kitchen Block of the Week – #16 of 25


This week’s block of the Grandma’s Kitchen series by Pat Sloan is called Small Change and the memories associated with what used to be called, ‘pocket change.’

The only time I remember having money when I was a little girl was when we went to Sunday School and church. As my aunt and uncle were farmers, actual money was not something we had a lot. Each Sunday we would load up and go to Indian Creek Baptist Church on Pinecrest Ridge and my aunt would give me a few pennies to drop in the collection plate when it was passed around. It made me feel very important to think that my pennies were helping the church.

Thanks for visiting with me and reading some of my memories.





I am a retired grandmother living in hot and sunny Florida. I spend most of my days doing what I love: sewing and quilting. I have a spoiled rotten Boston Terrier named Sami who keeps me busy mostly by cleaning up after her and refilling holes in the yard that she insists on digging and burying her toys. Of course then she digs them up and brings them into the house resulting guessed it...more cleaning. I will be posting pictures of Sami, quilts, flowers, and other things as they come along. Glad to have you join me.

16 thoughts on “Grandma’s Kitchen Block of the Week – #16 of 25

  1. Hi Peggy,
    I don’t remember ever having any money as a little girl. Maybe a few pennies in my little snap-top purse for church, and I remember finding a few coins when we went to the library. My mom had a coin collection that we used to work on until we were robbed. 😦 I’ve missed your posts! What is Sami up to lately? ~smile~ Roseanne

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  2. Lovely block and thanks for sharing a story. I remember not having money as a kid. I remember getting a little less lunch at school to save my lunch money (a quarter or 2 at a time) when I was 11 or 12 until I had saved up the HUGE amount of $60 in quarters, I thought I was the richest kid alive 🙂

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  3. I had an allowance of $1.25 a week. My girlfriend had $20.00 a week. We would get on the bus and go into SA and go to a high end department store where she would buy the top of the line cosmetics or clothes (we were about 10 or 11). Then we would to the Manhatten Cafe in SA and have a hamburger and go to the show. I ended up with no money, but she had plenty left. When I was young I did not really understand that the reason she had the money was that her Father was killed in WWII and this was the money her Mother received for her as an allotment. Her Mother was the greatest Mom around and she worked a full time job with the Government and my friend’s Grandmother stayed home and raised her. She was spoiled but not well off. I went on to have a career. Interesting how life has it twists and turns. Love your blocks and stories.

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    1. Very interesting. It is funny how much further our money would go back then. I can remember getting a small coke and a bag of chips for 10 cents and movie ticket for 25 cents for a double feature and a cartoon. 🙂


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