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Elm Street Quilts OMG – August – Success



Luckily you did not have to witness this old lady climbing on an eight foot ladder to take this photograph. It was not a pretty sight and I learned that Sami, The Wonder Dog, is as bad at climbing ladders as I am.

I have been participating in Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal (OMG) for a few months. Not only has OMG spurred me to finish projects that would normally wind up in the ’round to-it’ pile but I have had the pleasure of visiting other quilt blogs that I would not have found otherwise.

Above is my completed August goal: To finish the Stars and Stripes quilting and binding. I quilted it on my long arm, Miss Daisy, using free motion quilting with wavy lines on the red/white stripes and outline stitching within the star blocks. This project was a quilt kit purchased through Craftsy and I was very happy with the fabric quality and amount that was included. I added an additional white inter border and still had enough supplied fabric to complete the wide blue border on the outer edge. This was a BIG quilt and as much as I love it, I am glad it is finished.

Here is the lovely backing fabric I ordered from Connecting Threads a couple of years ago. It was just waiting for the right quilt and I think the Stars and Stripes fit the bill. Isn’t it lovely?


You can see other participants of OMG at Elm Street Quilts OMG.



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Meet Miss Daisy-My Long Arm Quilting Machine


This is Miss Daisy, as in driving Miss Daisy, because I feel like I am driving while I am operating her. I got her in December 2014 so we have been together a little over two years now. The first year we had a love/hate relationship. After the learning curve and a trip back to the dealer in California we worked out our disagreements and our relationship is much better now. Not to say that we don’t have a little spat sometimes, but we can usually get through an entire quilt now without one of us acting out.

This was a very big expenditure for me but I knew if I was going to continue with my love of quilting I needed a way to make it happen. I hand-quilted for many years but my aching hands and the time it took to complete each quilt convinced me to bite the bullet while I was still able to enjoy my hobby. I do have to admit that I enjoy the actual quilt construction  better than the quilting but I am thankful to have a long arm.