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Grandma’s Kitchen BOW #4 of 25


Pat Sloan’s Grandma’s Kitchen Challenge BOW for this week in called Half a Modern.

In this challenge we share a story as it relates to the block. All of my grandparents were as far from modern as could be so I will just share a story.

My Mammaw and Pappaw on my daddy’s side were very loving and wonderful… everyone except each other. 🙂 They could not live apart but they also could not live together. My daddy finally decided to built Mammaw a little house ‘within hollering distance’ from Pappaw. This worked out very well for everyone. Mammaw would cook breakfast and holler for Pappaw to come and eat. At dinner, the noon meal was called dinner and evening meal was called supper, Pappaw would cook and holler for Mammaw to come and eat.

On wash day Pappaw would carry water for the wringer washer and bring his clothes to be washed. Mammaw would wash all the clothes and hang them on the line to dry. Pappaw would then take the dry clothes off the line at drop them off at Mammaw’s for ironing.

I remember one Sunday after church Mammaw was hoeing weeds from the garden and I was picking up the weeds and throwing them into the chicken coop. All of a sudden Pappaw started singing as loud as possible, “Oh what a shame it is to work on Sunday” along with a few other verses that fit in the theme. Of course, this did not sit very well with Mammaw but I could see the twinkle in her eyes.

This set up continued until Mammaw died in 1957. Pappaw lived until 1968. They were so much entertainment to me and the cousins. We still talk about the arguments they would have and the way they would take care of each other.